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Israel Designer Craftsmen’s Association - membership card 2008

Israel is the world leader of business innovation
 see why

Slide show pictures from Belgium July 2009

I feel that the "change" has come...

Hareali Haivri @ Haifa - Ahuza highschool - projects since 2007

The Flashes project

Graffiti "Announcement to Elinor"

The flashes project inauguration

The Tulip building (future design)

Intel Israel (74) - Circuit Magazine - 2001 (English)

Article at "Maariv" - 2003 (Hebrew)

Article at "Yediot Haifa" - 2003 (Hebrew)

Article at "Yediot Haifa" - 2008 (Hebrew)

Article at "Achbar Hair Haifa - Kolbo" - 2008 (Hebrew)

The Israeli Artists Book 2008 - 60 years to Israel  (English)

The Challenges Graffiti project at Junior highschool "Ahuza" of the Harelali Haivri at Haifa - 2008


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